Why New Year Resolutions don’t work – set effective goals instead

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Did you know that most New Year Resolutions don’t work?

This time of year is typically when people start to write down their “new year resolutions”, guilting themselves into how PERFECT they’re going to be for the next 365 days.

But you know what?! I HATE resolutions. We put too much expectation and pressure on ourselves to fix everything, to be a “new you” and then most of us end up failing anyway. Why? Because we set unrealistic goals that we weren’t really ever going to be able to achieve.

The thing with creating new habits is they have to be easy. Habits, good or bad, are inherently stubborn. Saying you want to “eat healthier” will never help you. Instead, do something specific like “only eat out once a week” or “eat fruit/vegetables with every meal”.

Even better, is if you can create healthy eating habits that fit your lifestyle and you can continue to practice forever.

Short-term versus long-term and how to structure it

You might have heard people talking about setting specific goals, writing them down, putting a deadline on them … all great advice, but when it comes to your health and nutrition, sometimes that concrete goal can cause you to lose sight of the importance of the journey.

We get so caught up in the short-term “losing-5kgs-before-my-holiday-in-8-weeks” type of goal, that it becomes easy to forget about the “eat-to-nourish-my-body-and-maintain-results” long-term view.

Setting short, medium and grand plan, long-term goals are vital to adhering to them and enjoying yourself every step of the way. That might look something like:

Short-term goals

  • drink more herbal tea and water this week
  • choose a healthy snack option Monday-Saturday (indulge in a treat on Sunday!)
  • eat green veggies with at least two meals a day

Medium-term goals

  • lose 3kg in the next 6 weeks
  • improve my running fitness (3 x runs per week)
  • try a new healthy recipe once a week
  • have the energy to keep up with the kids at the park

The Grand Plan

  • feel content with my food choices
  • maintain my fitness
  • prioritise ‘me time’ once a week at least
  • have lost 10kg and kept it off

Then we need to put some structure on those goals.

The first step is to take stock of where you are now, and what’s been stopping you or holding you back from where you want to be. Then the next step is to define your short-term, medium-term and those wonderful grand plan goals.

But the most important step is often forgotten … the journey getting from step one to step two! You need to work out exactly how you will achieve that goal. Saying you will lose 3kg in 6 weeks is all well and good, but what exactly are you going to do each day, week, month to get there?

The reality is that you need to commit to a few weeks to really cement in your new healthy habits. The Whole Food Guide is perfect to help you do this AND get you awesome results at the same time.

We know how common it is to put on a little extra padding over the holidays, and there’s nothing worse than feeling sluggish and tired at the start of a fresh new year. So many of our regular clients do The Whole Food Guide again every year in January for this exact reason – it’s a great kickstart to your year and setting those habits up right!

Group challenge – Sat 20th Jan

So we’re going to run a group challenge! Starting Saturday 20th January with prizes for the best two transformations (based not just on fat loss, but overall results and positive changes made). You can start any time prior to that as well if you prefer.


1) Contact your WFG Coach (or get in touch with us if you don’t have one yet).

2) Purchase your Essential Guide or Premium Guide package (your WFG Coach will help you).

3) Take full-length before photos, weight, measurements.

4) Do the program! Then take full-length after photos, weight, measurements and a short testimonial about your results/experience with the program.

5) Bask in your new-found healthy habits and results!

Remember, it’s not “new year, new you”, it’s “new year, SAME you, just the best version of you”.