How to Freeze Fresh Raw Vegetables without Blanching in 3 Easy Steps

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A few years ago when we still lived in Sydney, I used to do my grocery shop online, to save time. Sometimes there were just other things that I can needed to be doing and for a small delivery fee, I could get everything delivered right to our doorstep!

When I first started doing this, I had a couple of issues though …

Apparently I had no concept of how much vegetables weigh and I ended up with a very large amount of broccoli, green beans and spinach! Now whilst we eat these every day and love them, there is only so much greens a gal can eat (and I couldn’t just force feed them to John!). 

I’ve always hated food waste so I decided to find out how I could freeze fresh veggies. Naturally, I’m too lazy to blanch the veggies first, so I was determined to find a way around that whole process. Eventually I came across this and bingo! No blanching required!

Of course, fresh is always best and tastes a bit better; but for quick, healthy back up meals and to save food waste, freezing some veggies is a good move.

3 Easy Steps to Freeze Fresh Raw Vegetables

1. Prep your vegetables, e.g. chop up broccoli into florets, trim the ends off of the green beans.

2. Place them into large ziplock bags and using a straw, suck out as much air as possible and seal.

3. Pop them in the freezer!

To cook them, there is no need to defrost, just pop them straight into boiling water like the frozen veggies you would get from the supermarket. I haven’t tried this with other veggies yet, but I’m sure it would work for ones like cauliflower, corn, sweet potato etc…

So there go, easy frozen veggies!