The Lean Green Smoothie to Detoxify and Nourish

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Have I told you how much I love the Lean Green Smoothie recipe from our program?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard of the magical powers of green smoothies. Well, maybe not magical, but they sure are a super convenient way to pack in a bunch of raw, green leafy veggies that you probably wouldn’t eat otherwise.

Oh, did I mention they pack a heap of fibre which is essential for gut health and burning abdominal fat. Nice!

I really enjoy my smoothies. Like really, really. Not just green ones, although I find I almost always ends up throwing a handful of baby spinach in there … because well, green stuff is good for you, right?!

Sometimes I’ll have a smoothie for breakfast or lunch, not because I’m in a rush or don’t have any other food in the house. Just because I’m craving something creamy, cool and sweet (ok … it was probably an ice cream craving!).

It was only after I invested in a high-powered blender that I started to really like my green smoothies though. Previously, I was kind of chewing/choking them down because I knew they were good for me. But damn girl, that chunky texture was just not on.

So that’s my personal number one tip for yummy green smoothies – get a high-powered blender. It’s just a must-have when you start chucking veggies and leafy greens in, because let’s face, fibre is great for our bodies, but it doesn’t blend so great.

lean green smoothie

Frozen bananas, nut butter, ice cubes, soups (whilst still hot) … nothing is too much trouble for for my blender beast! I had literally broken like 6 blenders (not cheap ones either) before finally buying my Omniblend. Best. Decision. Ever.

Anyway, I digress. Back to my favourite recipe, the Lean Green Smoothie from the The Whole Food Guide. It’s a core part of the initial detoxification phase along with correct supplementation and a structured meal plan. Everyone seems to get addicted to their Lean Green Smoothies when they do the detox as well!

I try to have a green smoothie every second day, if not daily. I love throwing in extra nutrient powders like camu camu (immune support), hydrolysed collagen (skin glow please!) or even ashwagandha (also called Withania Somnifera) if I’m feeling a little stressed.

Try adding one of these Lean Green Smoothies into your daily routine and comment below to tell me how you feel!