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The Whole Food Guide is an easy to follow, online program that guides you through three phases of nourishing, whole food recipes – all designed to reset your body, get you feeling amazing and support your cellular health.

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6 Healthy Lamingtons For Australia Day

I was going to make up a recipe for gluten-free, healthy Lamingtons to share with you for Australia Day ... but then I found a whole heap of great looking ones from some of my fav foodies! Why fix something that's not broken? Naturally, I still wanted to bake some...

Raw Passionfruit Lime Cheesecake

My new favourite raw treat! Raw Passionfruit Lime Cheesecake is just a deliciously zesty as it sounds. I think it's even better than my Raw Vegan Snickers Slice and this amazing Mint Chocolate Raw Cheesecake (although those are equally amazing too). It's got a...

Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie

I love the mint chocolate flavour combo. It's such a classic and so versatile – cookies, ice cream, slices, cakes and ... smoothies? YAAASSSS! Big, big yes to this mint chocolate chip smoothie. If you want extra indulgence, the go this Raw Mint Chocolate Cheesecake –...

Cauliflower Pizza

Have you made cauliflower pizza before?! I was rather excited to try it, despite there already being lots of recipes out there. Most of these recipes use about 1 cup of grated cheese to help bind the mixture and hold it together. I was in a dilemma as I didn't want to...